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Shiatsu is an ancient bodywork that grew its roots in traditional Chinese Medicine and was developed in Japan. Shiatsu enhances the selfhealing forces of the client. “Intentionlessness” is based on Buddhist philosophy. It consists in mirroring the structures and systems of the person, thereby enabling space for change to happen.

A Shiatsu session is made of a set of technics as pressure, giving weight, stretching and loosening the joints. These are applied in relation to what the client needs during a 1-hour session and as a whole-body treatment.

Shiatsu for me is a dance. It´s taking time to find new pathways. It´s finding connection to the core, and feeling integrity for our acts and thoughts. It´s arriving in an earth place, touching ground. It´s a dance with circumstances, it´s re-contextualizing, it´s having new ideas. It´s finding oneself again and there so, seeing the others.

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